A Beginner’s Garden: Tips on Starting your own Garden

Tips on Starting your own GardenSo you’re a beginner looking for a suitable plot to start your garden in. Maybe you’ve seen a show and got inspired to start one. Nevertheless, gardening is something you can’t take lightly; it takes time, effort, and the dedication to see it through.

Your Beginner Garden

Below are some tips and tricks to help you get started on your gardening journey.

  • Gardening hack#1: Beginner garden. Have you seen old boxes or wooden platforms in your garage? If you don’t have space to create a garden, make these into your garden! Turn it upside down, fill it with garden soil, and you have your very first lawn.
  • Gardening hack#2: A Teflon shovel. Don’t want your shovel to rust? All you need is a garden shovel and a Teflon lubricant. Spray your shovel with the lubricant. You have your instant Teflon shovel that soil won’t stick to.
  • Gardening hack#3: Create compost. Creating compost is easy. While your plants naturally create compost (dead leaves, branches), you only need food waste like egg shells and fruit leftovers to create your own compost. You also took part in saving the environment by doing so!
  • Gardening hack#4: Homemade time-out corner. Have you ever had invasive plant species killing your other plants? Simple create a safe box by cutting out the bottom of a plastic container with a knife then planting the plant in it. It creates a barrier that directs the plant’s roots directly down to the soil.
  • Gardening hack#5: No space? No problem. Tired of lugging pot after pot or creating space for your plants? You can turn your own old wheelbarrow into extra space by placing a platform on it. Aside from it being a place where you can leave potted plants, you can also use it when you’re re-arranging your garden by moving plants en masse.

Make Gardening Simple

Of course, there are other gardening hacks you can discover on your own. The beauty of planting is in the discovery—these tips are here for you to follow or modify according to what works for you.