A Gardener’s Friends: What those 5 Gardening Tools are for

Gardening may be calling to you, but are you sure you have the right tools for it? It doesn’t matter whether you have a green thumb or not—it’s important to have the right tools or you won’t even be able to make a single sprout come up from the soil.

To start your gardening journey, you’ll need:

A Spade

The spade is usually what most beginner start with. You’ll know it for its usually spoon-shaped blade. It is also known as a shovel and it’s a good tool to dig any type of soil with. There are small spades that can be used for planting shrubs and small plants and large ones need for planting medium plants and trees.

A Trowel

If you only have small shrubs to plant, it’s better to use a trowel. A trowel is basically a smaller spade, with a pointed blade-like formation at the end of the spoon. It is better for digging small holes for shrubs, smaller plants, and other annual and perennial plants.

A Hoe

A hoe is not a promiscuous female, mind you, but a gardening implement that helps you loosen soil before digging into it. There are many types of hoes, so you better be sure you’re choosing the right one suitable for your chore.

A Rake

Have you seen a garden with lines in it? That means it’s been smoothed by a rake. While rakes are usually associated with clearing leaves and other debris that may clutter your gardening space, rakes can also be used to fix the soil.


There are big and small clippers. Big clippers are used for plants with wood branches, while small ones can be used to shape shrubs and fashion plants. Use the appropriate one for the right chore.

There you have it! The right tool for the job usually makes that job easier. Don’t buy all of these at once—the best tools for gardening are usually handed down, but if you really need one new, don’t hesitate buying at a sale or at a budget.